Helping a Grieving Parent Overcome the Death of a Child Can be a Long Term Committment

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Loss of a Child    The loss of a child can be one of the most difficult losses.  Even the Bible sees it as a severe experience.  “…make mourning, as for an only son, most bitter lamentation…” (Jeremiah 6:26b)

Helping a friend or relative grieving the loss of a child may be a long-term commitment.  Unlike other losses, a child’s loss returns to the mind of the parent in a fresh way when unmet milestones come along for the life that was cut short.  You can be most helpful by supporting these times of prolonged grief.  Just remembering with the parent can help soothe a broken heart at the child’s birthday or death date.  A card or text could go a long way to add comfort.

Loss is indeed a part of our human existence.  Helping each other through these normal times increases our bonds to each other and fulfills a purpose for us being in each other’s lives.


With encouragement,

David Knapp

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