Book Results in Speaking Appointments

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“We have enjoyed working with David Knapp and his wife Crystal Wacker Knapp in the process of writing his book and applaud this day with him and his family. His subject is one we have all faced or will face at some time. David eloquently guides us on a subject so tender…dealing with loss and knowing what to say and do to be the greatest support for those who are experiencing loss.” Becky Norwood, (Journey to Authorship)front_copy1ab
. David is available for speaking engagements and training events.
• Business Groups
• Hospice Staff and Gatherings
• Church Services
• Sunday School Classes
• Grief Recovery Groups
• Leadership Seminars and Retreats
• Leadership Staff Meetings
• Small Group GatheringsIDKWTS tchg IA 2

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Book is nearing completion!

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David Knapp’s book is nearing completion and he is garnering excellent reviews from those he has invited to preview.

Following is one such review:

David Knapp hits a nerve with his book, “I didn’t know what to say.” Whether you’ve been there or not, the loss of a loved one is never easy, whether it is a lengthy process or a shocking event (I’ve had the dubious perception that if death was anticipated, then the loss was not nearly as devastating). David takes a candid and vulnerable walk through all the dynamics of grief and loss. He speaks from an uneasy vantage point, when it comes to the death of loved ones. His personal journey is one that we all can learn from. Sadly, grief can be experienced with the loss of pets, job loss, and divorce as well. In each situation, we need to know what to say, as well as what not to say. David’s book will give all of us fresh insight in dealing with our own mortality and the mortality of others.

STEVE Vandegriff, Ed.D. ’12
ProfessorChristian Leadership and Church Ministries;  LIBERTY UNIVERSITY, Lynchburg, Va

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Coming to Grips with Reality is an Important and Real Part of Grieving

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“I can’t believe he is really gone,” I heard my wife say many times in the weeks after her father’s passing.  This coming to grips with reality is a very important and real part of grieving.  That is why some have said that mourning is the opposite of denial.

I recall many, many times myself walking around the house and looking at Judith’s picture and telling myself, “She really died!”  In fact, my first coming to grips with Ruth’s (my first wife) death came when a respected counselor made the blunt statement to me, “David, Ruth is dying.”  I was free then to begin my grieving process.

Helping someone through their grieving process may include statements about their loved one’s death that continue to establish reality.


In Reality
David Knapp

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Be Specific in Your Offers to Help Grieving Friends

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Following one of my wife, Ruth’s, surgeries, the doctor told us that to heal physically it requires over 800 calories a day.  The process of grieving deeply can be just as draining.

Mourning the loss of a close loved one or friend often is very exhausting.  You can be a great help to those you are assisting by reminding them of that and offering suggestions to them on either getting extra rest or coming along side to do things physically for them.

This also applies to one’s ability to make decisions.  I have heard many of the bereaved say they found simple decision making to be very laborious.

Keeping this in mind can increase your ability to help your grieving friends.  That is why specific offers to help are much more effect than the common, “Let me know if there is anything I can do.”  Deciding how someone can help them may be too much to deal with.


Increasing in Understanding;

David Knapp

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Timing Can Be the Difference Between Helping or Hurting one Who is Grieving

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Timing can be the difference between helping or hurting a person who has just lost a loved one.

As I write this, our family is dealing with the loss of my wife, Crystal’s, father after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  Most comments Crystal is getting from friends have been very comforting and encouraging during these difficult days of grieving.

One well-meaning friend, however, had poor timing with his comment.  He chose this time to bring up his theology about life after death to challenge our thinking.  His differing opinion could have really “taken the wind out of” our spirit had we not been secure in our own beliefs.  It was really the wrong time to bring up that subject, that way.

Indeed, people should be able to freely discuss differing opinions about the state of life after death.  However, when it can cause added disconcertion to the hearts of the bereaved, it is bad timing.


Towards Consideration;
David Knapp

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