Have you suffered a loss? Maybe it was your parent, or your dear grandparents. Maybe it was a dream job. Perhaps it was the enjoyment of close friends as you moved away. Perhaps you lost a pet whose unconditional love seemed irreplaceable. Or tragically, you lost your beloved spouse. David Knapp will walk with you through that experience because he has walked through each of these himself. Grief does not discriminate. Grief can blindside the youngest to the oldest. As friends and family watched him walk with his second wife through the throes of cancer, many realized that this man does not deny the sorrow, but it will not master him. He shares kindly, intimately and with wisdom not only how to cope in the darkest of days, but also how to go through the process finding relief and into a winning attitude for the next chapter or phase of your life.

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David Knapp has been a sought after national speaker including in Britt Worldwide, a marketing associate of the Amway Corporation. He is a published writer: Grit Newspaper; Christian Herald Magazine; Brown Gold Magazine; The Gospel Herald Magazine; and a regular contributor to Union Gospel Press publications. Knapp has served as a regional public relations director for an international religious non-profit, New Tribes Mission, an administrator and professor at the junior college level; New Tribes Bible Institute and Frontier School of the Bible. David Knapp continually works at developing small businesses, including his most recent with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. But he counts his greatest joy and accomplishment as the proud father of eight children and the devoted grandfather of 28.

David’s latest book, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience Loss, is already an Amazon best seller.

In line with his life-values, David Knapp has served on the advisory board for two international non-profit organizations: Kidz at Heart and One Way Evangelistic Association. He is very active in Trinity Church, his home church in Mesa, Arizona.

David Knapp grew up on a farm in southern Iowa and attended college, Calvary Bible and Seminary in Kansas City with an honorary doctorate degree from Peniel Baptist Seminary. He has lived in seven states, currently residing in Mesa, AZ. In addition to time with his family, he enjoys reading and fishing. His foreign travels include; Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, and the exotic Amazon jungles of Brazil visiting primitive, tribal missionary bases.dsc_1069