“Your Loved One Has No More Pain”…

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Blog, Comfort, Grief Relief, Ministry

“Your loved one has no more pain,” announced the attending doctor.  This response to the death of a loved one is very kind.  The blow of loss can be transitioned easier with consolation from the one who has died being better off in some way.  However, as time goes on the pain that the grieving experiences overshadows any consolation pertaining to the deceased.  Their soul is hurting beyond belief.  I remember feeling like there was a hole in my soul that seemed permanent.

Friends who began to show concern for MY pain helped me the most as time passed.  Comments like, “You must hurt deeply,” are better than comments that try to diminish my pain.  Those who wish to help the mourner need to realize that time and talk does more to healing than lecture.  Anne Cetas is quoted as saying, “When someone’s grieving-listen, don’t lecture.”

Gaining a better understanding of the process of the grievers in your life will be of great benefit to their healing.  Coming through the grieving period as a winner can be even more definite when one has helpful friends and counselors to aid them who don’t pull away too soon.


David Knapp

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