The Gift of Memories

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Blog, Comfort, Grief Relief

Any loss due to death is a difficult experience.  Often, one good way to help people process this type of grief is to assist them in validating the life of the one gone.

I saw a great idea to aid this at a memorial service I attended recently.  As an insert in the memorial service bulletin, a separate half sheet of paper was provided.  It was blank except for the title “The Gift of Memories”.  During the service an announcement was given and a few minutes of silence provided for attenders to write something about the deceased for the family to have and read later.  I observed many people filling it out.

Another very helpful suggestion would for you to offer to assisted the bereaved put together a photo slide show, photo album or scrapbook about the one they have lost.  This suggestion can help even people who may not have been only the “immediate” relationship (ie. Spouse), but also others who loved them.



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