The Grief from Loss Due to Divorce is often Overlooked

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Blog, Comfort, Grief Relief, Ministry

Loss through divorce is huge and often overlooked.  It is overlooked by the mourners because life goes on without an actual death.  It is overlooked by friends because the relationship break down is not usually sudden and often looked on as “their fault, so let them deal with it.”

Grief due to divorce can extend for years when not viewed as a “grievable loss.”  The loss points that need to be addressed can vary from reputation to dreams.  One friend wrote: “The thing I’ve been grieving most so far hasn’t yet been the loss of my wife/lover, but more so the loss of my teammate, and the loss of my kid’s mother. “

You can be a helpful friend by encouraging the one you know who has experienced a divorce by lovingly discussing these often overlooked areas of loss to aid them in working through the grief naturally caused by divorce.

With encouragement.


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