Writing Grief Letters Helpful

Posted by on Dec 29, 2013 in Blog, Comfort, Grief Relief, Ministry

Grief letters can often be very helpful in processing a loss.

The idea of writing a “grief letter” may seem trite to many who have not experienced loss but I and my family have found it helpful in releasing pain.

The loss of my job and position that I had served in for 14 years was the second most difficult loss I had ever experienced.  Only losing my wife was harder.  I did not deal with the grieving process for that well.  It extended for 3 years.  Finally, however, I gained victory through coming to grips with the grieving and releasing it.   One final thing I did that helped me was to write a letter to some of the leadership team involved.  In that letter I simply defined my pain and actually apologized for the negative attitudes I had let swell up in my heart against them.  It gave freedom.

Another example of the “grief letter” I found recently when I was sorting through my files.  I came across a letter written by one of my daughters to her mother months after her mother had died.  In it she simply described the events and process of her pain after her mom died.  Of course, this letter was never sent.  It couldn’t be.  However, the simple expression gave release.

You might find the opportunity to suggestion this idea to the person you are caring for at some point as a closure for their pain.



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