Inability to Bear Children Can Cause Deep Grief

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Blog, Comfort, Loss

Death is not the only thing that brings the pain of grief.  Any form of loss can do that.

I know a couple who are friends and associates.  They have been married many years but have no children.  They have been open about the increasing pain this loss of expectation has caused them.  They recently posted their hurt. After our third no-one-knows-why-it-failed attempt at IVF, this, “So, do you guys have any kids?” question became really hard to answer. It became the dreaded “meeting someone new” question, the one we both wanted to avoid.

There was so much pain wrapped up in that one little, innocent question.

It is important that we stay alert to friends and relatives who may be going through any form of major loss.



David Knapp

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