I cannot “hoard my lessons”

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Blog, Comfort, Grief Relief, Ministry

Early in January, 2013 I received many requests to share things I had learned in my grieving process so far.  These experiences were helpful for me and, I found, very helpful to others as well.  It hit me one day after a couple of these events that I should not “hoard my lessons.”  It was that thought that began to prompt me towards writing a book to help others.  Dag Hammarshkjold has been quoted as saying, “We cannot afford to forget any experience, even the most painful.”

Many well-meaning friends tried to say things to me that would push my grief pain away too soon.  Granted, moving past the pain of loss is what the process is all about.  The problem comes in trying to stuff it or “forget” it and loose the lessons.  These lessons can be of great benefit later to you as well as to others you can help later.

You could possibly help the one you are helping through their loss by encouraging them to write down their experiences and feelings today so they could remember and use them later.


Being Encouraged Today;


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