“If you know someone who has suffered loss, his book will help you navigate the deep waters of grief with them. David Knapp has walked the journey through the valley of sorrow and up the hills of discouragement to the joy of winning.”

Grief Relief Ministries offers live presentations by David Knapp to help those who find themselves at the aid of others experiencing any form of grief from loss. Whether your group is currently helping folks going through loss or they are interested in being prepared when the occasion arises, David can give insights as to what to say as well as things to avoid in the process.

David Knapp enters your world softly, and with deep wisdom and emotion he shares his story of loss. Ultimately, he walks beside you through the grief process to a renewed attitude of winning for the next season. His journey of authenticity has not been easy. He has loved and cared for not just one wife who died of cancer long before her time, but two wives. During that journey he raised and blended two families of eight children. He worked as an executive, with side jobs to supplement the mounting financial burdens.

You will learn that David carries no chip on his shoulder. He has a love for the family and a desire to share what he learned through the years. David is not afraid of discussing the raw emotions, but gives equal time to wholeness and healing to help those grieving be in a winning place.

Subject specific topics David has personal experience with include:

  • Loss due to the death of a spouse
  • Grief from a job loss or position change
  • Grieving the loss of a pet or best friend
  • Helping children thru the grieving process
  • Adjusting to extreme family changes (blending, losing a child, empty nest)
  • Helping leaders in personal crisis
  • Dealing with loneliness due to loss
“David Knapp has put together a valuable and much need manual on how to help friends and loved ones as they journey through the grieving process. Especially helpful is the section at the end of the book that details what one can do to comfort and help those who experience the loss of a loved one at the time of death, one week later; and at intervals from 3 weeks, 3 months, six months and up to a year after the time of loss. There are tips covering what to say and do at the holidays; and how to help when those missing anniversaries and birthdays come around. Especially useful is the short guide at the end on what not to say when someone is grieving and what can be said instead when words are appropriate. This book will be a welcome resource, not just for minister’s and counselors, but in every family’s bookshelf.”
DG SpillmanDG Spillman

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“I Didn’t Know What to Say” is a compilation of life experiences David has faced to get where he is today. Visit our Book page for more information.